J. Nicole

My name is J. Nicole and I am an aspiring chef in Christ. I woudl adore to share my journey with you regarding food and love. I am no relationship expert or gourmet chef AT ALL! I only started cooking because I developed a very close relationship with my wonderful grandmother. It wasn’t a moment before then did I ever think about diving into the world of cooking. I use to BURN rice! Yes rice! ;) That little old lady has sparked my interest to work on family recipes, attend cooking classes, research cooking ideas, and apprentice for a great chef. So I  thought, Why not share a weekly recipe with others as I learn so we can learn together?!" As far as relationships goes, I have been through a few things and I know there are many more things to come. In the meantime, I thought I should share what I have experienced. I have gone through a lot of test and they were HARD! I have cried, wanted to quit, thought it was stupid (LOL), etc. I have learned and still trying to grasp that shaping is never easy, but definitely necessary. I had to learn what we suffer now does not compare to the glory that Christ has for us later. (Romans 8:18) I made a decision that I wanted to become a better lover and friend because whatever I was doing wasn’t working! Along my journey, I have chosen Christ as my Lord and Savior, read books, attend classes, and even plan on becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist one day! Yeah I'm weird like that...I definitely don’t have the perfect relationships and knowledge about everything, but I am connected to the One who is. 


I hope you enjoy the weekly relationship tip and recipe. One more thing, some have asked what made me choose cooking and relationships? Because you can never go wrong with food and love! Oh, and because I am a fat kid and big baby! 


Always remember to nourish it spiritually, mentally, and physically!